Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is is a property fully owned and operate by HotNet Communications.

Why should I honour my printing to instead of some other company? is the collaboration of a team of professionals who are dedicated to meeting your expectations. We understand what a business needs, as we also supporting a lot of agencies works. In addition, we offer competitive pricing for online ordering with the quality and commitment of people who care.

What are your business hours?
Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and Festive: Office Closed

During working hours, you can call our business hotline @ +6012 359 9990 / +6012 263 1299 for any of your printing needs and order enquiries. After working hour, you can still reach us by dropping us an email and we shall respond to your inquiry at our soonest possible.

How long does it take from the time I submit my order until you begin working on the job?
Any jobs that come in before 12.00pm each day except weekend during working hour will be going through our job process verification line on the same day. If there is a problem with your file, we will contact you immediately to keep your project moving forward. For more detail schedule, always check your printing schedule with our staff who contacting you on your ordering,

How long does it take until my printed pieces are delivered?
Each printing project will have different production schedules. For more detail schedule, please refer to timeline needed for each different printing sizes needed to avoid the delay in your printing. You can always check with our staff who attending your request.

Will I receive the exact quantity I order?
We practice the printing industry standard that allow for a variation amount of +/- 5% over and under on quantity. Nevertheless, we will make an effort to keep our production to meet your exact order.

How can I make multiple orders from different various printing sizes?
It is best if you can place your multiple ordering to each item separately. Each sizes have different printing timeframe. You can give your elements similar names so that we know they are related and we can try our best to put them all on the same production schedule so that they can be delivered at the same time.

Can I alter my ordering for a different finishing or printing process for my orders?
No. all file we received and screened with your confirmation will be immediate process if there is no problem with your file. Thus, it is no possible to have different finishing once printing process started.

Do you do customization printing?
Yes, we do handle customize projects. Just go to our contact form page and fill out the request for a quote. Be sure to indicate the finished size you desire.